Days Without You: Vinyl 180g
  • Days Without You: Vinyl 180g
  • Days Without You: Vinyl 180g

Days Without You: Vinyl 180g

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Samana Rising's debut album is finally here! Order "Days Without You" today. Release date: 24. April 2020

Track listing:

Side A 1. Mountains – 5:29 2. Taste of Life – 4:08 3. Not Up to You – 4:42 4. Too Tiny – 6:56

Side B 1. Hold On – 5:53 2. Your Way Out – 4:28 3. Twisted – 3:22 4. Another Day – 3:49 5. Clearly – 4:40

The song material on Days Without You is varied and reflects the band member's different sources of inspiration. The overall genrè is bluesrock, but you can also hear pop, soul & funk influences.

Side A of the album open with the classic blues rock sound of Mountains & Not Up to You via energetic boogieswing in Taste of Life with the emotional and very personal ballad Too Tiny which with it's runtime of 7 minutes bring a climatic close to side A.

Side B of the album open with Hold On which is old school blues rock with lengthy instrumentals and fiery vocals. Your Way Out with it's clean "hammer-on" guitar chords is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix's beautiful guitar work in the late 60's. Twisted is something very different, with soulful vocals and painful lyrics about trying to care for yourself and others after experincing a tradic event. Another Day is perhaps best described as a "poppy" blues rock track with an upbeat tempo and a repetitive blues guitar lick. Last track on side B, Clearly is a "disco meet blues rock" song with a strong addictive beat that just force you to dance along again and again. A song about reckoning, it's a fitting close to Days Without You.

Recorded at Storyteller Recording Studio at Kvernaland, Norway. Produced, engineered and mixed by Jørgen Manke. Mastering by Pete Maher Mastering, London UK.

Photo: Roy Vuyk w/ Haukelid Foto - Cover Design: Alexander ᴬᴰ

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